Inkheart by Cornelia Funke (for German Lit Month 2018)

The magic comes out of the books themselves, and I have no more idea than you or any of your men how it works. (p. 170)

“Magic comes out of the books themselves…” and I have always known this to be true. Cornelia Funke gives us a world of magic, a world of books, suitable for adults as well as the children for whom it is written. Any good children’s book is worthy of an adult as well.

What is the best part of this story? Is it the way that each chapter begins with an enticing quote from another book, helping us to predict what that chapter may hold (or luring us to reread the book from which it came)?

Is it the way that she has captured the bibliophile’s love of literature, with homes which are stacked with books in the hallways, stairs, and on every available surface?

Or, perhaps it is the adventure story itself, with such captivating characters as Silvertongue, who is able to read people out of, and into, books; perhaps it is Meggie, who longs for the return of her father who has been captured by Capricorn.

I know that for me, this fantasy novel has far more impact than any Harry Potter book. It’s surrealism hovers on the brink of reality for how well it brings the meaning of literature to life.

9 thoughts on “Inkheart by Cornelia Funke (for German Lit Month 2018)”

  1. One of the best things about this book is the epigraphs at the beginning of each chapter. They are how we discovered the really wonderful children’s books about the Borribles.


    1. He is a remarkable character, both as a father and as a rather mystical being. (Of course, the best fathers have qualities which are often inexplicable to me, for example, of courage absolutely undaunted.)


  2. My brother asked me for book Gift Ideas for his 13 year old son, he loves Harry Potter. This book looks like a good suggestion. Thanks


    1. I think this would be a wonderful idea; my two nieces in law were the first to suggest it to me when they were in school. I like Inkheart much better than the other Cornelia Funke book I read, which was The Thief Lord. Inkheart has a story which just mesmerizes, in a way that Harry Potter never did for me.


    1. Maybe the time will come…it’s hard to say with our children, what they will love and what they won’t. My son has been trying to get me to pick up The Dragonlance Chronicles since he was in sixth grade, but I do not often turn to fantasy. What if you read her a chapter aloud? After all, that is what Silvertongue does with Meggie…at first. 😉

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