TLC Tours: The Memorist

“Deja vu and coincidence are God tapping you on the shoulder, telling you to pay attention, showing you that you are walking in the footprint of your own reincarnation.” (p. 172)

Author: M.J. Rose
Publisher: Mira books/2008
Number of pages: 453

Our memories. Are they “false memories”, or have we experienced them in real life before? This is one of the fascinating concepts underlying Rose’s book “The Memorist.”

In many ways, this book bears a striking resemblance to “The Da Vinci Code”: each chapter ties the story together with a new thread, vacillating between settings, characters, and even time. Like The Da Vinci Code, tenets of faith are severely brought into question through The Memorist Society. “Of specific interest to the Society’s founders was reincarnation-a belief common to the newly discovered Hindu Shruti scriptures, the teachings of the Kabbalah, the mystery schools of ancient Egypt, Greek philosophers and Christian doctrine prior to the fifth century C.E.” (p. 34) No Christian I ever heard of believes in reincarnation; we believe our earthly bodies are replaced by heavenly bodies when we go to live with our Father in Heaven.

There is a search to solve a puzzle: where is the bone flute, which Beethoven had carved with a mysterious tune, which could elicit our memories from darkness into clarity? What exactly will it cause us to remember? The characters search for it throughout Vienna, and we are compelled to search with them as we wonder if perhaps there isn’t something to the idea of having lived another life in another time.

Meet David Yalom, a journalist with a thirst for revenge, who has planted a bomb under Vienna’s greatest concert hall; Malachai Samuels, part shaman, part therapist, part confessor; Special Agent Lucian Glass, who has a penchant for drawing; Sebastian Otto, whose son inhabits his own unreachable world, buried under memories no one can uncover; Jeremy Logan, father of Meer Logan, who suffers similar anxiety and just may have been Margaux, friend of Beethoven, in an earlier life…

The book ends with a very fast paced, exciting conclusion: truly a page turner, not only in action, but unexpected events with characters. It was a thrilling read, and you can read an excerpt for yourself here.

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