Paris in July II: The Perfect Colour and The Perfect Book

When Molly came to my mother’s tea party, she left her iPhone on my end table. Knowing that she needed it to remind herself when to take her medication in the evening, I ran out to her Saab convertible where she was pulling out a silver case.

“Need to put my lipstick on while driving through downtown!” she happily explained.

“Molly!” I said upon seeing a black lacquer rectangle inside, “what colour is that?!”

I grabbed it from her as quickly as I could because I am not to be daunted in my discovery of the Perfect Red Lipstick. Which I’ve apparently found this time for sure.

The case said “Paris”. It’s from the Rouge Coco collection, and it’s number 22. It’s also the colour that Sandra Bullock wore when accepting her Oscar last year, but I didn’t know that until I’d conducted further research on the colour.

Anyway, you see it pictured here above one of the books I’m going to read for Paris in July. Tried the collected stories of Guy de Maupassant last night, and just about died of disappointment. After Fitzgerald’s? They’re horribly disjointed and lacking impact.

So, Paris in July will be celebrated not only with Mavis Gallant’s Paris Stories, it will be celebrated in style with Chanel’s lipstick in the same name. Vivre Paris!