Dreaming Anastasia

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Title: Dreaming Anastasia
Author: Joy Preble
Published: September 1, 2009 by Sourcebooks
Number of pages: 302
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

“Destiny? I’m sixteen years old. I don’t want a destiny. I go to high school. Until you started following me around, my biggest problem was whether or not I’d studied for my chemistry test. Now I’m running from crazy witches. People are shooting at us. With bullets. And it’s all your fault.”

“It’s not my fault,” Ethan says. “It’s what has to be. It’s what you’re supposed to do.” (p. 109)

I love this book. I love it on many levels:

  • the voice is a perfect rendition of a high school girl’s
  • the setting is in Chicago
  • the plot is compelling

and best of all

  • it has to do with Russia. Tzar Nicholas and his wife, Alexei, Anastasia and Rasputin to be specific.

I love all things Russia. Almost equal to a passion for things Japanese. In college I took more Russian literature, and Russian history, courses than American. I find their lifestyle, their writing, their past fascinating beyond compare. Dreaming Anastasia fits right into that passion.

We find Anne, a ‘normal’ high school girl discovering strange things about herself. First, she’s suffering horrible nightmares. Nightmares which involve Baba Yaga, a witch; huge hands reaching down from the sky; a little hut on chicken legs in the forest of Russia.

Also, she’s being followed by an extremely handsome guy, with bright blue eyes. She has no idea who he might be.  When her arm develops a glowing red mark, and she finds Ethan following her wherever she goes, she realizes that all these signs might mean something.

What they mean is that she is the one who must find and rescue Anastasia. Will she find Anastasia? Will she be able to rescue her from Baba Yaga? Will Anastasia’s half brother, Viktor, make up for a plan he set in motion just before the Russian Revolution? These are all the delicious questions for which you will find the answer when you read this imaginative, brilliantly conceived, book.

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