Mudbound by Hillary Jordan

Title: Mudbound
Author: Hillary Jordan
Published 2006, 336 pages
Bellwether Prize in 2006
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

“First time I laid eyes on Laura McAllan she was out of her head with mama worry. When that mama worry takes ahold of a woman you can’t expect no sense from her. She’ll do or say anything at all and you just better hope you ain’t in her way. That’s the Lord’s doing right there. He made mothers to be like that on account of children need protecting and the men ain’t around to do it most of the time. Something bad happen to a child, you can be sure his daddy gone be off somewhere else. helping that child be up to the mama. But God never gives us a task without giving us the means to see it through. That mama worry come straight from Him, it make it so she can’t help but look after that child. Every once in awhile you see a mother who ain’t got it, who just don’t care for her own baby that came out of her own body. And you try and get her to hold that baby and feed that baby but she won’t have none of it. She just staring off, letting that baby lay there and cry, letting other peop0le do for it. And you know that poor child gone grow up wrong-headed, if it grows up at all.”  (p. 83)

This quote is the basis for all of the book in my mind. Sure, it has a theme of social injustice, of Black and White relationships right after WWII in the Mississippi Delta. Sure, there’s a close look at husband and wife relationships, hardships of poverty, emotional wreckage from being a soldier in the war. But, more than anything, this book tells of a mama’s love for her son and just what she’ll do because of it.

I absolutely loved it.