Eat To Live


My husband and I have changed the way we eat. Where once my typical day’s meals included cereal, a sandwich and pasta, it now consists of fruit…


and vegetables. Which I don’t even like that much.

Except now, the way I physically feel is convincing me that this is how I should eat. Where once I felt lethargic to the point of wanting a nap every afternoon, I now have much more energy. I’m not hungry.  And, the carnivore which once raged inside me is slowly slinking away.

The precipitating cause for this radical change was the promise that Dr. Furhman makes for a healthy life in his book, Eat to Live. Cholesterol, which is my problem, and inflammatory disease, which is my husband’s problem, are two of the many diseases addressed by this way of eating.

The plan is simple, really. Each day, the goal is to eat:

  • four fresh fruits
  • unlimited green salads
  • cooked vegetables
  • beans
  • raw nuts (a handful)
  • ground flax seed (a tablespoon)

No where in the plan is fettucine and gelato. But, no where in the plan is heart disease, inflammation, diabetes, and a myriad of other illnesses.

I’m convinced this is the way to live.