With No One As Witness

I have just finished one of the best mysteries I’ve read. Ever. It took me almost all of February, granted, but as I closed the cover twenty minutes ago I felt as much satisfaction as having finished a quintessential slice of chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and a bit of raspberry sorbet on the side: perfection.

The book is swirling around in my brain with these threads teasing out:

  • the plot is intricately woven with no possibility of guessing the outcome before its arrival…
  • the characters are perfectly drawn: from their physical appearance to their emotional upheavals, I feel as if I’ve met them and understand them…
  • the phrasing, the vocabulary, makes me rest completely in the author’s care. No word is out of place, or unnecessarily implanted; no word makes me gag at its awkwardness within the sentence…
  • the setting is so accurate, so well drawn, I’m amazed that Elizabeth is from Ohio and not London itself.

Here she is, Mrs. Elizabeth George:

“She has won the Anthony Award, the Agatha Award, and France’s Le Grand Prix de Literature Policiere for her novel A Great Deliverance, for which she was also nominated for the Edgar and the Macavity Awards.

She has also been awarded Germany’s MIMI for her novel Well-Schooled in Murder. Most of her novels have been filmed by for television by the BBC and have been broadcast in the US on PBS’s MYSTERY.” (from the author’s website)

If you’d like me to send you my paperback edition, let me know in the comments below and I’ll pull a name by next Sunday. But, you might want to find your own copy before then.

The winner of the giveaway is Sara!