The Rembrandt Affair and Give-Away

This month I had the pleasure of reviewing The Rembrandt Affair by Daniel Silva. It is the first novel by Silva that I’ve read, and I enjoyed it immensely. The publisher has given reviewers questions to answer regarding the novel, and at the end, the opportunity for one of the newly released editions to be given to one lucky winner.

If you were to write a blurb in fewer than three sentences for THE REMBRANDT AFFAIR, what would it be?

  • This is a heart-stopping, thumb-chewing adventure through Europe’s major cities in search of the missing Rembrandt painting and all it stands for. We slowly uncover layer after layer as to why it’s been stolen, and what it means, because of the people who have owned it before.

Gabriel Allon is a talented spy and assassin, but also a master art restorer. If you could have two careers that seem to be complete opposites, what would they be?

  • I joke to my teaching partners that I’d always like to be a stay at home mom. The other career I’d love to try is to be a reader of audio books for the blind. Is there a name for that job?

What three words would you use to describe the character of Gabriel Allon?

  •  Restorer of women

THE REMBRANDT AFFAIR takes the reader all over the world. Of all the locations mentioned, which would be your ideal vacation spot?

  • It was particularly exciting to me to read this novel as I’ve been in many of the places Silva uses for the setting. Most endearing to my heart are the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, where I drank a fabulous cappuccino served with a square of Swiss dark chocolate, and Paris itself. (Too bad there weren’t cities in Italy!)

Art theft plays a major role in the novel. If no crime were involved, what piece of art would you like to have in your home?

  • I would love to own a Renoir; any that he has painted. I have several prints in my house, as well as on my blog, but they don’t compare to the real deal. Of course. The other piece I’d love to have in my home, planted in my mind by Suko, would be Michalangelo’s David.  

Zoe Reed is a powerful female character in the novel. Tell us about an influential woman in your life.

  • This would have to be my mother, dubbed The Queen of Smart by my son when he was three. Indeed she is: wise, perceptive, and above all, godly.

Who was your favorite “good guy” in THE REMBRANDT AFFAIR and why?

  •  Gabriel Allon, of course, would be my favorite ‘good guy’. Who wouldn’t be taken with someone who goes into the woods with the enemy’s henchmen to be “bruised up a bit” and comes out alone with all their weapons? Who wouldn’t respect and admire someone who stands for good and actually lives it? I love a hero and a conqueror, of enemies both physical and emotional.

All of the technology discussed in the novel is real. Does any of it surprise you?

  •  None of it surprised me. In fact, the older I get, the less I trust government. With technology, they have ever increasing power to gain access into people’s lives; I wonder if anything is private in American any more.

What celebrity would play Gabriel Allon if THE REMBRANDT AFFAIR were on the big screen?

  •  George Clooney? Do we have to make every action novel into a film?

Which fellow book-loving, blogging friend do you think would enjoy THE REMBRANDT AFFAIR? Tag them here and we will mail a finished copy of the novel!

  • Friends, I cannot begin to guess who would most love to read The Rembrandt Affair. If you would, tell me so in the comments, and we’ll see who shall be tagged to receive a hardcover copy.

My favorite quote from this novel: “But like most Venetians, Chiara regarded sporting contests as something to be viewed over coffee or a good meal. When one required exercise, one made love or strolled down to the Zattere for a gelato.” (p. 46-47)

Winner of The Rembrandt Affair: Lesley of Lesley’s Book Nook!