RIP Challenge Book One: The Ruins

Don’t read this book if you’re planning a trip to Mexico. Or anywhere near the equator, for that matter.

I bought my hardcover copy last year for the first RIP Challenge. Now that it’s out in paperback everywhere you look, even Costco and K Mart, I decided to read my $27.00 edition.

It is, in fact, creepy. Imbibing peril? You bet!

Two young couples take a vacation in Mexico, where they are drinking, eating, laughing and meeting strangers. One such person is a German man, Matthias, who is looking for his brother, Heinrich. It seems that Heinrich followed a girl he’d met to an archaeological site in the Mayan jungle in order to search for treasure.

What else is there to do but follow him? (In my opinion, there are several other choices available, but that wouldn’t make a good story.)

So, off these idiots go, deep into an unknown jungle, surrounded by people who speak an unknown language, to search for an unknown treasure in an unknown site. It reeks of trouble, which is exactly what they find. In one endless drama.

Oddly enough, I was compelled to read one horrific happening after another. From running out of food, to running out of water, to searching for what they think is a cell phone chirping in the bottom of a well into which one person falls and literally breaks his back, we are faced with the terrible ferocity of nature. In particular, there is an insidious vine, with red flowers, which looks quite beautiful. And as we all know, appearances are deceiving.

Did I love it? No. Was it like watching a slow motion horror film? Yes, but I couldn’t quite tear myself away until I’d discovered what happened to each of our characters.