I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith

“This is the first time I have used the beautiful manuscript book Simon gave me–and the fountain pen which came from him yesterday. A scarlet pen and a blue and gold leather-bound book–what could be more inspiring? But I seemed to get on better with a stump of pencil and Stephen’s fat, shilling exercise book…I keep closing my eyes and basking–that is my body basks; my mind is restless. I go backwards and forwards, recapturing the past, wondering about the future–and, most unreasonable, I find myself longing for the past more than for the future. I remind myself of how often we were cold and hungry with barely a rag to our backs, and then I count the blessings that have descended on us; but I still seem to fancy the past most.”
I loved this book. I loved it for the simple voice of seventeen year old Cassandra who lives with her family in a damp English castle with the most positive outlook I have read in ages. I loved her naivety, her simplicity, her complete honesty in telling her story. A story which involves falling in love with her sister’s fiance while her sister remains emotionally immune to him…

(I Capture The Castle is listed both in the BBC’s Top 100 list and the Guardian’s list of 1000 Books You Must Read Before You Die. The link to the film can be found here.)