The Girl On The Cliff by Lucinda Riley

What a lovely book to spend reading over Thanksgiving vacation. I just finished this saga last night, a wonderful, involved novel of two families and the effect that they had on one another through the generations. I was completely caught up in Grania’s story, set mostly in Ireland, through whose point of view most of the novel is told. She has left her fiance, Matt, behind in England to return to her home in Ireland. During her stay with her Mam (love that word!) she encounters a girl on the cliff, Aurora, who completely captivates her heart much to Grania’s mother’s dismay.
So Grania is given, through letters and flashbacks, the history of Aurora’s family. How her grandparents interacted with Grania’s and the devastations that occurred due to war. Selfishness, fear and love.
In the end, Grania must decide if she will stay with Matt. She must balance her pride and her love to make their relationship succeed.
The Girl On The Cliff is a perfect blend of romance and intrigue, with characters crafted carefully enough that they seem to jump from the page into real life. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks to Penguin for sending me this book.