I gathered by my courage and looked up. “I want to know what it was that Mariana saw through the window in the Cavalier bedroom. All my flashbacks are tied to a physical place, you see, and I have to be standing on that exact spot if I want to go back there.”

Yes, I know. But are you sure that you want to go back to that moment just yet? You felt the pain yourself.

I was silent a moment, remembering. “I have to know,” I said, finally. “You should understand that. These people, they’re all so real to me…I have to know.”

Thus speaks Julia, who having bought the house which spoke to her as a child, finds herself able to go back in time to the life of Mariana. Using elements of time travel and reincarnation, Kearsley tells a story of love and passion which drew me in as, like Julia, I had to know what happened in Mariana’s life. Their story is an intriguing one, with a wonderful, satisfying ending. This was a new twist on an ancient theme of love, and I thank Sourcebooks for the opportunity to read it.

“You can’t cheat fate, Julia. If you don’t go looking for the lessons of the past, then the past will come looking for you.”