The Enchanted April

The cover of the film enchanted me to begin with. But before I view it with my friends later in January I wanted to read the novel, being of the firm conviction that one should always Read The Book First.

And when a novel contains this ad within its first few pages, how can one not continue to be enchanted?

To Those Who Appreciate Wistaria and Sunshine: Small mediaeval Italian Castle on the shores of the Mediterranean to be Let furnished for the month of April. Necessary servants remain. Z. Box 1000, The Times.

It wouldn’t take much more than that to convince me to answer, just as it did Mrs. Lotty Wilkins when she encountered it while reading the newspaper at her ladies’ club. She convinces her acquaintance, Rose Arbuthnot, to join her, and together they find another pair of women, Mrs. Fisher and Lady Caroline, to go to Italy for a month. Each longs to escape the life she leads, if only for four weeks.

What follows is a truly enchanting story as each woman’s hopes and dreams are revealed, each woman’s inner heart is healed, during their stay in San Salvatore. I would expect nothing less from ‘my’ Italy.