Let The Northern Lights Erase Your Name

This is the novel that one of my Book Clubs is reading for May.

It has excellent reviews, and it won the Kate Chopin (of The Awakening fame) award in literature.

I’d never heard of it until it was recommended by a member of the club who is the recipient of an amazing literature catalog called Bas Bleu. (Click on the link to go to their site; they are a retailer, not a publisher, of wonderful books and all things ‘bookish’.)

Let The Northern Lights Erase Your Name is a fascinating book written through the point of view of a woman who, upon learning of the death of her father, discovers much more about the life that she thought she had.

She follows clues, and her mother’s trail, to Lapland where the native people, called Sami, live. She stays in a place called the Ice Hotel, made entirely of ice and snow. She sleeps on a bed covered with reindeer hides, rides in ‘scooters’ which we call snowmobiles, and learns just what you can do with a past you never expected was yours.

It’s a fascinating premise and a beautifully written book.