Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

“Ellen Abbott Live was a cable show specializing in missing, murdered women, starring the permanently furious Ellen Abbott, a former prosecutor and victims’ rights advocate. The show opened with Ellen blow-dried and lip-glossed, glaring at the camera. “A shocking story to report today: a beautiful, young woman who was the inspiration for the Amazing Amy book series. Missing. House torn apart. Hubby is Lance Nicholas Dunne, an unemployed writer who now owns a bar he bought with his wife’s money. Want to know how worried he is? These are photos taken since his wife, Amy Elliott Dunne, went missing July fifth–their five-year anniversary.”

Cut to the photo of me at the press conference, the jackass grin. Another of me waving and smiling like a pageant queen as I got out of my car (I was waving back to Marybeth; I was smiling because i smile when I wave).” p. 161

I loved this book. Until about three-fourths of the way through. By then I’d had enough twists and turns to make me carsick and enough development of a bad marriage to make me heartsick. I was left feeling worn out and disappointed that two people could manipulate and malign each other so much that neither one is left with integrity. Instead, what we have is a thriller turned into a travesty. Rather than scary? It’s so sad.