Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt

I’d like to introduce you to Scaredy Squirrel:

He’s a totally neurotic squirrel about whom Melanie Watt has written an hilarious children’s book.

In many ways, Scaredy Squirrel reminds me of myself:

  • He likes things to be predictable.
  • He likes a particular schedule.
  • He’s afraid of the unknown.
  • He stays in his tree so that he will be safe from dangers such as poison ivy, killer bees, germs, and sharks. Because we all know how likely it is to be attacked by sharks if you’re a squirrel.
  • He develops an emergency plan in case he comes across such an unexpected danger.

However, his emergency plan is completely useless when it is accidentally knocked out of the tree and Scaredy Squirrel must rely on his own, inherent and unexpected gift, to rescue him.

What a delightful book, for your library collection or small child of whom you’re extremely fond. There are even sequels such as Scaredy Squirrel Makes A Friend and Scaredy Squirrel Goes To The Beach.

Reading them was the best part of the Hottest Day of the Year, literally, in my classroom today.

I wonder if Melanie could write a new book. Scaredy Squirrel Sweats His Nuts Off.