The Japanese Literature Challenge 16

Welcome to the Japanese Literature Challenge 16!

During January and February of 2023, we will read Japanese novels, short stories, mysteries, thrillers, or even poetry if you so choose.

Please leave a link to that which you have read by clicking on the Mr. Linky widget below. That way, we can all have a chance to enjoy what you chose.

I so look forward on sharing this virtual trip to Japan with you!

49 thoughts on “The Japanese Literature Challenge 16”

  1. Happy New Year all and happy new challenge. It’s my first time here and also my first time using the Mr. Linky thing so I hope I’ve done it all correctly.

    I just wanted to check in to say that my first read is There’s No Such Thing as an Easy Job by Kikuko Tsumura. I’m really enjoying the style so far.

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    1. Nick, I’m so glad you’re here and using the Mr. Linky, and enjoying the book you chose. I have There’s No Such Thing As An Easy Job on my list, too. I look forward to discussing it with you! Do you have a blog, by chance? If so, I can come visit you and comment. If not, no worries.

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  2. Thanks so much for doing this again. I will soon decide on which book I will read first for this event, which I always look forward to.

    TracyK at Bitter Tea and Mystery

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  3. I haven’t blogged in a long time but one thing I was thinking about was January in Japan. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able participate this year. I’ve already started reading. I hope you’re doing well. Happy 2023. May it be a wonderful for you.


  4. I learned of this from Tony’s Reading List. Coincidentally, I just got back from a trip from Japan, so this reading challenge will keep the adventure going. An item that’s been on my shelf for a while has been The Wisdom of Tea: Life Lessons from the Japanese Tea Ceremony by Noriko Morishita. The film adaptation was one of the in-flight movies, so I am even more interested. I might follow that up with The Waiting Years by Fumiko Enchi and there reading of some Noh plays.


    1. Oh, I envy yo just coming back from Japan! I was there in 2018, and I am dying to go back. I remember reading Haruki Murakami’s book, Killing Commandatore, on the flight as it had just been released.

      The Wisdom of Tea book you mentioned is new to me, but sounds wonderful, as does The Waiting Years. I am always eager to learn all I can about Japan.

      So glad you came here from Tony’s, we have both been enormous fans of Japanese literature for a long time, and welcome!


    1. I’ve tried and tried to leave a comment on your blog; it will not let me even when I use Chrome. I will try again tomorrow! Still, thank you for posting your books, and what you’ll read for this challenge.🥰

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  5. I just finished the excellent novella Child of Fortune by Yuko Tsushima which was such a multi-layered novella, a woman trying to cope raising her daughter alone while being gaslit by her sister and too many readers. A work that penetrates the depths and manifestations of grief, that stands up to an unsympathetic society and demands to exist in an alternative way to conventional ideals.


  6. Thanks for hosting this challenge again! I just entered my reviews but forgot to list the names of the books in the challenge linky. The Cat Who Saved Books and There Is No Such Thing as an Easy Job. Hope you’ll visit.


  7. Bellezza, thanks for hosting another JLC. I made it just in time. Before you totally switch your attention to the Int. Booker Prize, check this Keigo Higashino book out (maybe his latest, I can’t be definite). 🙂


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