The Japanese Literature Challenge 16 is coming soon…

I wondered if there would be an interest in hosting the Japanese Literature Challenge for the sixteenth year, and so I threw out the idea on Instagram last evening. It seems that there are, in fact, a few ardent fans for whom the event still holds great interest. As it does for me.

And so we shall begin in January, reading such literature as catches our eye and leaving links, if you so desire, to a sticky post which will be at the top of my blog. Let’s hold the event for January and February, giving us two months to indulge this passion.

I will be reading, and hosting a few give-aways for, the following books:

People From My Neighborhood by Hiromi Kawakami
The Roads to Sata by Alan Booth (not technically Japanese literature, but still an exploration of the culture)
Lady Joker Volume 2 by Kaoru Takamura
Lonely Castle in the Mirror by Mizuki Tsujimura
My Annihilation by Fuminori Nakamura

Already, I can feel the excitement building within my heart. Can you?

Will you join in?

(On Instagram as #japaneselitchallenge16)

42 thoughts on “The Japanese Literature Challenge 16 is coming soon…”

  1. Marina said it perfectly, amen! Of course we are interested in joining, this is THE best blogging event! I have also already chosen my titles, 6 classics published between 1905 and 1953.
    I am currently enjoying a lot the latest by Higashino, A Death in Tokyo

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    1. I am not sure about the best, but I know it’s one of my favorite blogging events. 😉 You have chosen to read from such an interesting time period; I look forward to your thoughts on what it is you’ve chosen! Also, I have A Death In Tokyo on my wishlist. (Or, person 900 on hold at the library.)


    1. What a delight to check one’s stacks, in that you must have some Japanese literature in abeyance! I, as a matter of fact, do as well. It’s like a child I once had in third grade, who said he always takes “an emergency book” to the doctor’s. In case he has to wait. ☺️ I’m looking forward to what you decide upon.


    1. Yes, it probably is the prompt you needed. 😛 And, taking Murakami in short story form is always a good idea. His thoughts can be so unique, and involved, that I often enjoy them most in a short format.

      I’m glad you like the “button”! It seemed appropriate for January and February.


    1. I can’t think of a better plan than tackling a Murakami! If you haven’t read him before, maybe you’d like to start with something “easy” (fairly straightforward) like Norwegian Wood? Of course, I began with Kafka on The Shore, and it remains my favorite of his.


  2. I was hoping you were doing this again this year. Two years ago I did mysteries from Japan, last year I did other types of fiction, and this year I plan to read mysteries again. My husband still has several books by Keigo Higashino that I have not read.

    TracyK at Bitter Tea and Mystery

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    1. Keigo Higashino is such a great choice for Japanese mysteries, especially with his newest book, A Death In Tokyo, just out. I love Japanese thrillers and mysteries, too. So glad to have you, Tracy!


  3. Yes I will. I also have the Roads to Sata on my TBR plus a whole stack of novellas and short stories and the new Murakami essays. And one day I’d really like to finish my response to Basho’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North – maybe this will be the year!

    Thanks for hosting once again. I know how time consuming hosting an event can be, and do really appraciate that you make that effort each year to give the rest of us a good opportunity to read some of the Japanese Lit on our shelves.

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    1. It would be fun to read The Roads to Sata “together” this year. I am so fascinated by the Japanese culture, and I want to absorb all I can of it, from everyone’s eyes.

      I just ordered Murakami’s latest, Writer as A Vocation, so that will be interesting, too, although a I believe I prefer his fiction to his nonfiction.

      It probably would be time consuming to do a challenge if I did as I used too: hosting events and read-alongs, and many prizes. But, now I am rather lazy, and simply put up a Mr. Linky for us to leave our reviews. I hope that’s sufficient! But, like your 20 Books of Summer, it is nice to have challenges with which we are familiar and inspired. Xo


    1. Nick, I would love to have you participate! Do let me know if you would like any suggestions, and of course, there always a myriad of books to pick up once everyone starts reviewing. It isn’t good for one’s budget at all! 😉

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  4. Fish Swimming in Dappled Sunlight looks very fascinating! Thanks so much for hosting the Japanese Literature Challenge, Bellezza! It is one of the longest running and popular reading events in our blogging world. Thanks so much for sharing and spreading your love for Japanese literature.


  5. Will I join? I have all intentions to do so, my dear friend. I’ve also picked some potential titles, and I’ll soon be blogging about it. I came to your lovely blog to be sure this was happening, and to grab the link! 🙂


  6. You’ve inspired this reader to take on “Lady Joker Volume One” which I am about 25% through and am really enjoying so far. Cheers!


  7. I have several books I could read, but my I am hoping to read Woman Running in the mountains by Yūko Tsushima and Heaven by Mieko Kawaka. I don’t think I have purposely joined in before, no idea why.

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