Any interest?

Photo of Tokyo taken from our hotel window, 2018

I am beginning to receive inquiries about hosting the Japanese Literature Challenge. When I notice the many venues for reading Japanese literature, such as are on Instagram for example, I wonder if there is interest in reading here as we have done?

Do let me know if you would like to read for the Japanese Literature Challenge 15 this year (from January through February). I have several books awaiting me, and I am certainly glad to sponsor some prizes of a literary nature.

If there is interest, I will begin setting up a review site and spreading the word.

Domo arigato!

(Thank you!)

24 thoughts on “Any interest?

    • So glad to have your interest! I want to read Murakami’s latest, too, especially as I have heard that it gives us more information about his “private” life. I’m always intrigued about him, and I so enjoy insights to my favorite author(s).

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    • I’m not a fan of Instagram, either! It can start out as a positive experience and then suddenly, I find myself flooded with self doubt. 😌 At any rate, how wonderful to have you say, “Definitely!” I’m already starting to think about what I’ll focus on this year, and I look forward to your choices as always.

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  1. I will take part if you host the Japanese Literature Challenge. I like the length and I have some books already planned. (TracyK at Bitter Tea and Mystery).


    • Ooh, I want a peek at the list of books you have planned. I bought two for an event I saw on Instagram, and then somehow never got around to read them. So there they sit, waiting for January, I guess.☺️


    • Three months are nice, but as I plan to read for the International Booker Prize again this year, I find myself too involved to carry on with the Japanese Literature Challenge as a good hostess ought.


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