Falling by T. J. Newman

“You’re a smart man, Captain Hoffman. Or, can I call you Bill?”

Bill stared at the screen…

“”You see, Bill, you probably already get the obvious. Here’s the rest. You will crash your plane or I will kill your family.”

(p. 29)

I was sent Falling from NetGalley, but I far prefer to read from real paper rather than digital text. So, I grabbed it from the library when I saw it on the Popular Picks shelf last week. This novel is a “guilty pleasure,” which I am reading not necessarily for the content as much as the thrill.

I think it would have become tiresome if it hadn’t been written with such authority. Clearly, the author knows exactly of what she speaks, and that makes this novel work. Her experience, of being a flight attendant for ten years, reveals aspects of the airline business which I have never known, despite flying even international flights many times.

We are given one terrifying scene after another, alternating between the pilot’s family held hostage in their home, and the 144 passengers onboard the aircraft in his charge. We have the angle of the flight attendants and the FBI as well, giving a train wreck from which I could not pull myself away.

It’s such a relief not to be reading a somewhat typical thriller about The Girl/Woman In/Under/By The Fill-in-the-blank. I really enjoyed the pure entertainment of this book.

6 thoughts on “Falling by T. J. Newman”

  1. I’m looking forward to reading this and will be able to do so without any worry of getting upset about flying since I don’t have any plans to do so for a very long time. RV travel is our mode of transportation these days. I’m glad this thriller was so entertaining. I’ve been on a long break from thrillers, but this one has captured my attention. The last thriller I read was Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica. I read it last fall and it was a big disappointment


    1. The trips you take with your husband and RV are glorious! I miss so much by not being able to stop where my heart leads me, especially in the woods, or by a river. On the other hand, I do not enjoy a trip with my husband to Jewel (grocery store), so perhaps it’s best if we fly when we go anywhere.☺️

      I don’t like reading about hospitals or airplanes, even if the book is labeled fiction, because I’m blissfully unaware of what goes on behind the scenes. But, as far as a thriller goes, this was great! A nice break from the typical thriller which promises everything and delivers very little but the same old plot. I hope you like it, too! xo


    1. The author’s experience gave a certain authenticity to her writing, didn’t it? (Although, I must admit by the end I was almost a little tired of all the action.)


  2. Glad it was a good thriller to read. The setting and the plot don’t grab me right now, however, as I can do without so much excitement at the moment. One of these day, I’ll pick it up though! Happy reading. It’s nice to read outside our normal genres.


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