A List of Possibilities for German Lit Month this November

from nyrb
from Scribe

Several exciting reading events are planned for November. I believe it is Nonfiction November, and Novellas in November, but my heart will always lean toward German Literature Month.

The four novels pictured above are on my radar for this “challenge”, and I own all but All For Nothing which, amazingly, was found in our local library. (Click on the caption under each cover to take you to the publisher’s page for more information about the novel.) I do not know if I will have time for all four, especially as The Eighth Life is approximately 900 pages, but I do hope to read them before 2019 ends.

And you? Are you planning to read for German Literature Month?

from Lizzy and Caroline

4 thoughts on “A List of Possibilities for German Lit Month this November

  1. I’ve read good things about a couple of those titles, but don’t think I’m about to start another German novel just yet, having just finished a difficult whopper today; it’s taken several weeks. I now need time to reflect on Uwe Johnson, so maybe that will keep a post on it in November.


  2. I am a fan of German literature, and there are several I’ve been thinking of reading. Great list: I did read The Mussels Feast by Birgit Vanderbeke and thought it very good.


  3. Groan, there are just too many interesting things coming along this month. It would be the perfect time to finally read Alone in Berlin but I just can’t see how I can fit it in…..

    I’m very drawn to that cover art for the Kempowski – is it a painting?


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