Google is pressing me to renew my domain, while I am busy cycling. Coloring. And, reading.

My favorite new pace is “slow.” That way I can hear the late summer insects singing as I ride through their domain, trying to identify the wildflowers whizzing by. I’ve got Queen Anne’s Lace, lilies, thistles, and Brown-eyed Susans, but those pink ones? I haven’t a clue. And, it doesn’t matter.


When I color in Johanna Basford’s books, this one is Magical Jungle, I can make them any color I wish. You might think I’m a bit old for coloring, but I think not. School supplies are out now, at the best price they’ll be all year, and I recommend getting yourself a pack of Crayola colored pencils for under $7.00 and having a party.


August is time for Brona’s read-along of Moby Dick, a few chapters a week as I recall. So, there’s that to read on the plane to a family wedding in Virginia next week.

Meanwhile, I keep deleting the most tiresome texts from Google threatening the banishment of my blog if I don’t renew my domain by August 3. I feel a little like John Belushi in Animal House: “Great, 13 years of blogging down the drain,” with two pencils protruding from my nostrils. And yet, if they take it away, I’ll be []. Would you still come visit me then? If I promise to return the favor?


11 thoughts on “Google is pressing me to renew my domain, while I am busy cycling. Coloring. And, reading.

  1. I will visit you wherever you wind up! Just don’t go away.

    I think the pink flower is bee balm. Maybe.

    I’m so envious of your bike rides. It’s too dangerous to ride on Hwy 101, which is a shame since it’s such a beautiful highway, passing along the ocean with great views of the waves and whales. Sadly, there are no dedicated bike trails nearby, so I have limited my bike riding to when we are traveling/camping. But that’s alright. I walk along the bluff for exercise and meditation and play pickleball for a workout.

    I’m embarrassed to say that after a chapter, I decided Moby Dick will never be for me. I’ve tried several times. Instead, I’m enjoying a fluffy read by Elizabeth Berg. If you are looking for some brain candy, Night of Miracles is just the ticket.

    Enjoy your slow days. Isn’t retirement grand?!

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  2. I was going to say your pink flower is monarda — which is another name for bee balm!

    I had a professor in graduate school who once said that Captain Ahab was a representation of people who have “an infinite grudge against the universe.” That’s one I’ve never forgotten.

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  3. I’ll visit you. Could you go back to (or did you ever have) a free version at You can export an entire blog to; I did that with posts from blogger, where I started out.

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  4. How relaxing and lovely pictures from your cycling adventure 🚲 🌺💮🌼🌾
    I so happen to have the same coloring book and yes 🙂 enjoy coloring. I will take down your url should it change, yes it would be a shame to loose 12 years of blogging, Google….%$#&@

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  5. I pay for mine because it’s nice and short. People using feed readers won’t care. They just have to change the subscription info once. BUT, sometimes if you let it go someone in Korea buys it and turns it into a porn site. I can’t tell you how many bloggers this has happened to so those who have not changed their feed readers will suddenly find themselves surprised by the content!

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  6. Love the colouring! The colours and shades look so pretty!

    I’ve never read Moby Dick, not really sure it’s the right book for me (I’m easily intimidated), but maybe I should give it a go, anyway?

    And of course I’ll still visit. *wink

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  7. Of course we’ll still follow you. How could you possibly think we’d abandon you???? I tried colouring once – it was recommended as a way to deal with insomnia. But after 3 nights of sitting at 4am fretting over what colour to use for the butterfly wings and the tulip petals. I decided it was too stressful.

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  8. Ah, slow is what I need right now! I feel as if I’ve had my foot to the floor the last few months, and all I’ve been doing is spinning my wheels. I’m just making the rounds of my favourite blogs to get caught up, and this was a treat. Count me in for or wherever else you end up!

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