Madeleine L’Engle: The Kairos Novels, Review and Give-away

This beautiful set comes in a slipcover …

containing the Wrinkle in Time Quartets and The Polly O’Keefe Quartets.

I have long collected Madeleine L’Engle’s books, and so I have a rather haphazard set, all in different editions. Above are two from the Wrinkle in Time Quartet…

and here are two of the Polly O’Keefe Quartet. But, how lovely it is to have a two-volume set, with each volume containing all four of each series.

Volume 1 contains A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, and Many Waters.

Volume 2 contains the Polly O’Keefe Quartet, which consists of The Arm of the Starfish, Dragons in the Waters, A House Like a Lotus, and An Acceptable Time.

The Kairos Novels are edited by Leonard S. Marcus and published by the Library of America.

Few works loom as large in the history of young adult literature as Madeleine L’Engle’s 1962 Newbery Award-winning classic, A Wrinkle in Time. A truly revolutionary book blending realism and fantasy, science and religion, it was the first great crossover classic, appealing to children, teens, and adults, and setting the template for books such as Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. Now, in time for L’Engle’s centenary on November 29, 2018, Library of America brings readers MADELEINE L’ENGLE: The Kairos Novels, a deluxe two-volume set gathering Wrinkle and all seven of its sequels for the first time; an eight book sequence L’Engle collectively called the “Kairos Novels,” named for the Greek word for cosmically critical moments of time.

Edited by Leonard S. Marcus, one of the world’s leading writers on children’s books and the people who create them, this authoritative edition presents A Wrinkle in Time in a newly corrected text based on research in L’Engle’s archives and includes an appendix with four never-before-seen deleted passages.

Two of Madeleine L’Engle’s books changed my life. One was A Wrinkle in Time, the other was The Love Letters. They both taught me things about love I had never really understood before. I treasure rereading these classic books, most beloved by me.

And, I have the opportunity to give a set away (U. S. only, please). If you are interested in being considered for the give-away, please leave a comment below. I will select a name a week from today (on October 9).

12 thoughts on “Madeleine L’Engle: The Kairos Novels, Review and Give-away

  1. I’ll leave a comment to say that I’ve never read any of these books! That’s one of my bookish secrets. So, I’m confessing. They do look like lovely copies! And, I need to consider reading something by this author since I’m trying to branch out more. LOL


  2. Thanks for this wonderful feature and giveaway. Madeleine L’Engle’s captivating novels are unique, unforgettable and meaningful. This set would be treasured since it is exceptional. Since I am an avid reader The Wrinkle in Time was on my radar many years ago. I would give this gift to my amazing and advanced reader grandson who appreciates books and understands life.


  3. Reading A Wrinkle in Time gave me a new perspective on the world. Many years ago I told my son to read this classic and he was in awe. To be able share this set with my two granddaughters is very special. Thanks for this fabulous post. Everyday I hope that someone out there enjoys the beauty of profound classics. You have brightened my day.


  4. Bellezza, I read A Wrinkle in Time many years ago. I’d love to have an “excuse” to reread it. Thank you for offering this beautiful set of books. I will add a link to this giveaway to my blog’s sidebar, to share with my lovely readers.

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  5. A Wrinkle in Time is an experience, emotional and fantastic. A set which deserves to be cherished. A classic that has earned its place in literature. What a lovely set.


  6. I’ve yet to read any of these stories and would absolutely love a chance to win them 🙂 What a beautiful set! And thanks for the giveaway, M. I love your collection of the books 🙂


  7. I’m very interested in your generous offer, partly because I never got on with Wrinkle as a child and want to revisit it and the other works. I think I could appreciate them better now. Plus I’d like to share them with my daughter in a couple of years.


  8. I just love Madeline L’Engle – I read all of those except Many Waters.
    A Wrinkle in Time had me so enthralled I looked for anything she wrote…
    What an amazing giveaway! I enjoy retreading old favorites but even more I would love to share these with my niece and nephew.


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