My Midori Traveler’s Notebook…and the 5th Anniversary Edition of the Bullet Journal

Quite possibly you know of how much I adore my Midori Traveler’s Notebook. The leather’s lustre is almost divine now, after three years of constant use, and the insert for the daily diary, at least, is exactly how I like it.

And then there arrived in my inbox an announcement of the Bullet Journal’s special edition celebrating its five years of existence and fabulous success.

The cover is designed by Frederica Santorini, who lives in Rome. I have long admired her talent on Instagram (@feebujo) so it is especially lovely to have one of the limited editions of this journal.

But the best part of all is how we are reminded to “Do what works for you”, and that “Less is more.” In a world filled with the comparison that social media can cause, and the way that my culture tends to feel that “more is better than less”, I am grateful to be reminded of these truths.

I am looking forward to trying the Bullet Journal system in January 2019. How about you? Do you have a journal system of which you are quite fond?

14 thoughts on “My Midori Traveler’s Notebook…and the 5th Anniversary Edition of the Bullet Journal”

  1. I thought you already were using the bullet journal system…? Or maybe it was “adapted”? I learned about bullet journaling from you and have been doing it ever since, but my style is very personal and evolving, always changing based on how busy I am and my current thinking about what is important to record or schedule, etc. I still love it – have been using the Red Co. series for a year or two now.

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    1. Yes, I used the Bullet Journal system for about six months. Then, with my passion for Japan, I switched over to the Midori Traveler’s Notebook. But, now I want to try the bujo system again; I like the idea of utter brevity in the form of thoughts and ideas as “bullets.” I tend to be verbose in my journals, and then they are almost too overwhelming to reread. A bujo would be a better snapshot, I think. Plus, now that I’m retired I don’t have quite so many appointments to manage.

      I’m so glad you’re still using it, and I think our styles are supposed to change, or at least evolve. I would like to know how you use yours now, very much. And, I don’t know the Red. Co. series…off to look for it. xo

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      1. Ah! I see a beautiful collection of assorted notebooks, and the price of 10.00 is most attractive! Thanks for mentioning that brand, since I go through notebooks like mints. 😉


  2. I don’t do that type of journal. I only use one for keeping up with my reading. I will admit that those journals have gotten prettier and prettier over the years. I use one now that my niece gave me for Christmas. It has a lovely floral cover and ribbon for a bookmark. I did write in a journal for a while when my parents (especially my mother) were taking sharp declines in their health and before they passed away. I was going to a counselor at the time and she suggested it. That was helpful, but I guess it’s not for me otherwise. Enjoy yours. So lovely.

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    1. You remind me of Lesley, who has often spoken of the reading journal she keeps. Since I began blogging, I have not done such a thing, but I would like to keep more than just a list of what I’ve read each year. And yet, how many journals can one have?! I have one for a calendar, one for thoughts, one for scripture…

      I can see why a counselor would suggest such a thing; writing down our thoughts and feelings can surely help us process quite a lot, things of which we’re probably unaware, even. Yet, it is not for everyone. I think one feels compelled to keep a journal, or not, and there isn’t much middle ground.


  3. Midori TNs are my favorite – I have one in each color (because I am addicted to them :)) I’ve never tried to bullet journal and am not sure its for me. I tend to use my Midori TN diary for finances, whilst I use my Hobonichi Weeks for book blogging, and my Hobonichi A6 for planning. I use the Hobonichi A5 for bible journaling. And for my actual journaling, I use a Life notebook in one of my Sojourner covers. I have to admit that I do like the idea of “Less is More”, because just looking at all of the notebooks I’ve collected over the yeas I do wonder if I’ll ever be able to use them all. So, I am definitely going to try and start embracing that idea of “Less is More”. I agree with you that society seems to push the idea of “more is better” – it just seems to be getting worse and worse. So, I’m all about “do what works for you” and “less is more”. By the by, I love how loved your Midori looks 🙂

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    1. I have seen some of your beautiful collection on Instagram, and I quite understand the addiction! I haven’t expanded into Hobonichi, or anything for that matter beyond the Midori, but I did buy a passport size now that I am retired. I was thinking that the smaller size would be attractive, and yet now I feel almost bogged down with yet another. I haven’t fully adapted to the ‘less is more’ philosophy, although that is a very firm goal in my mind.

      I wish you could see my Midori pictured above in real life. It is almost glossy with use! I quite like it…and, I would love to see/read more about yours. Xo


    1. The red heart is a gift from my parents, who bought it at a Japanese stationary store in Canada. The ceramic cat at the end of the book mark (ribbon) I bought on amazon so many years ago that I can’t remember the site. I think that if you search there, you will find one to your liking. (Look for “Japanese lucky cat charm”.)


  4. Is that a fountain pen? I’ve gotten into fountain pens over the past few years and love them. My favorite so far are the Lamy pens. I don’t do bullet journaling but I do have various journals that I keep. I do have a “fauxdori” and have really enjoyed that. Keep us posted on how bullet journaling works for you!


    1. I love fountain pens of any sort! I have Lamy and Mont Blanc and a TWSBI mini and even more. The children in my class were also fascinated with them when I brought them out and would often ask for them for Christmas. Writing with a real pen and paper feels so fulfilling to me.

      The “fauxdori” seems quite practical and similar to the TN. Glad to know you are enjoying yours!


  5. Boringly, I keep a journal on my pc. Not online, just on Microsoft Word, because I can type much faster than write. I do keep a book journal by hand though. Love the autumnal colours of the fabrics in your pictures.


    1. That is a good point: the speed with which one can go when word processing. I also like how easy it is to edit and correct! I guess I have been in the habit of physically writing for so long, I haven’t thought of changing. Yet what I am going to do with stacks and boxes of journals I have no idea. Beyond the pleasure they’ve given me in rereading. You could put yours on discs, at least.


  6. I love beautiful notebooks, but I no longer use them – my diary/calendar is online, my book database is online, I take/make all my notes on the Notes app. I have a shoebox full of lovely notebooks people have given me. I keep hoping they will stop. I am a bit of a hoarder – hoarding online is one way of trying to declutter.

    I have only kept a “real” journal at emotional times – when my sister died, and when I had my children. However, for over twenty years I’ve been writing (typing) a snail mail letter to my Californian friend – and that has created a journal of sorts – and for the last few years I have been writing a travel blog so that has replaced the old travel diary.


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