The House Swap by Rebecca Fleet

A bunch of pale pink roses with slightly curling petals. A stylistic photograph of Hyde Park where the bank of the Serpentine runs close to Kensington Garden. Little things like this unnerve Caroline, who has come to this house with her husband to relax, to be free of the traumas which evidently still plague them. It seems these items have been deliberately placed by someone who knows her, to set her on edge.

Caroline has had an affair. Her husband, Francis, has a card of bubble wrapped pills half hidden under a basket. They have much to repair in their marriage, and this get-away may prove helpful.

Or, it may unravel them further.

Thrillers are a guilty indulgence for me, and this one is looking like it may be more than the average psychological novel, most of which have, of late, run all together in my mind. So far, I am completely absorbed in it; I’ll let you know what I think as soon as I finish it.

Update: I have finished the House Swap. It was fine. It held my interest, it told an interesting story of a troubled marriage and a woman (not the wife) intent on revenge. Elements were carefully revealed, such that I didn’t feel manipulated. Yet, neither did I feel it was absolutely stupendous.

4 thoughts on “The House Swap by Rebecca Fleet”

  1. These are my guilty pleasures, too! This one sounds like a winner, but it will have to wait. I’m planning to spend the next few weeks immersing myself in French books for Paris in July. It’s the only challenge I participate in anymore and I’m looking forward to it!

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    1. I have bought a trilogy of Javier Marias’ books for Spanish lit month (also in July) and doubt I’ll have time for more, but I’ve always enjoyes Paris in July. What’s on your “plate”?


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