Just call me The Rocket

The Dolphin Dash was this weekend on Saturday; a 5K or a 1 mile run which all the students and their parents sign up to do. Some people take it very seriously, even going so far as to train for the run which is always held the first weekend in May. I, of course, read as hard as I could.

Every year I walk the 1 mile with a parent or two, enjoying the sunshine and the walk and being surrounded by my kids. But long passed are the days when I ran a 6 minute mile in college.

This year, I crossed the finish line (with my timing chip left at home on the kitchen counter) to the cheers of students and the announcement of the P.E. teacher shouting into the microphone, “And now, with a time of 17 minutes and 55 seconds, we have Meredith, The Rocket, Smith!”

It was all great fun, and after I hugged him, I said I was going home.

“What?” he joked. “You’re not waiting for the announcement of the times?” I smiled at him, and left.

This morning, the children walked into my room shouting and screaming. “Mrs. Smith! You won the huge trophy!”

“No,” I said.

But, in walked the PTA mother who had arranged the entire Dolphin Dash with the biggest trophy I have ever won. It said, “Fastest Female” on the bronze plate in front. So, I had to have a picture for proof.

Because NO ONE, least of all me, would ever have expected me to win a running race. It is the most hilarious thing I’ve experienced all year. And, in case you want to congratulate me, it was because I was the only female teacher who ran walked.

I’m still laughing quietly to myself.

18 thoughts on “Just call me The Rocket

    • Thanks for smiling, sweet Suko! Good to hear from you, and I plan on all being around the blogging world much more often with my retirement in a month or less.


  1. You won not because you were the only female teacher who entered the race but because you were the only one who entered into the spirit of the event the winning trophy was merely a physical sign of the fact in the eyes of those with you you were already their winner, their champion


  2. What a great event! Sounds like it would be fun day and I’m very happy you won the trophy – ha! Your time sounds pretty good to me. I walk and walk and walk these days and enjoy it very much. It’s so good for my mind and also my body.


    • You can’t imagine the irony of me winning! Everyone who knows me is laughing thier head off with me because I am the least likely person to have won. What I consider a win is being wth my kids. Xo


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