“We believe in (Dorthea Brooke) as in a woman we might providentially meet…when we should find ourselves doubting the immortality of the soul.” ~Henry James

When Arti read The Portrait of A Lady by Henry James with us earlier this year, it sparked a yearning for George Eliot, and thus we have a read-along for Middlemarch in May.

Beginning May 1, and taking our time, her plan is to (tentatively) end in June. Vivek, my new friend from the Man Booker International Prize 2018 shadow jury is joining us. Won’t you join in as well? All are welcome.

(On Twitter #MiddlemarchinMay)

16 thoughts on “#MiddlemarchinMay”

  1. Thanks for coming aboard, Bellezza! While there’s a start date, let’s leave the ‘deadline’ tentative. Let’s just enjoy the journey and the virtual experience of camaraderie! 🙂

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    1. Isn’t it interesting how the books read during that tjme period of our lives sticks with us? I will aleays remember reading Gone With The Wind and Rebecca at age 16, and Atlas Shrugged at 17. I’m eager to embark on Middlemarch, especially as British classics are a bit lacking in my repertoire. 🙂


    1. I understand the big “if”, and if you are able to join us, I would love to have your thoughts as we read. You always show me things of which I wasn’t entirely aware.


  2. Oh, how I would love to join in, but I am bound to read Romanian literature for the challenge at the library (I am making the list of books that students may engage in reading for the competition) plus I am in the middle of final test papers for the high school classes, so I am totally behind with reading…


  3. What a lovely thing to do, but I have too many other things on right now, including my current Japanese literature prep in situ 😍🇯🇵⛩ Murakami & Basho on my plate.

    But I hope you all have fun in Middlemarch.

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