“Flip Through” of my Midori for July

I may have told you, through my blogging years, how much meaning an analogue life holds for me. Which is an interesting thing to note on a digital format. There is so much pleasure in looking back over one’s day, or week, or month, or years(s). Better than a scrapbook is the Midori Traveler’s Notebook, for it holds a calendar, a journal and photographs; a paper trail of that which is my life.

So why tell you that here? Because as summer draws to a close, and fall is showing up ever increasingly in the darker morning, the bits of red edging the leaves, the ads for Back To School, I suggest this system for you.

My Midori holds my “calendar” as pictured above, but also an insert for the Bible studies I do each day, as well as a commonplace book for the reading I do.

I can’t imagine how I managed life without it.

6 thoughts on ““Flip Through” of my Midori for July”

  1. The paper trail of my life isn’t nearly as elegant as yours (I use cheap composition notebooks that I get on sale at the beginning of each school year), but without pages to flip back through, I would be lost. How do you mark a life’s journey on Facebook or Instagram?

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    1. Cheap composition books are so great! They give me a freedom from perfection (as if that were attainable), such that I do not need to feel compelled to make everything look a certain way. I ought to be more accepting of mistakes in my life, from myself and others. But as that is a topic for a whole other post, let me say how glad I am that you are like me in that we document our lives. Someday, someone will be able to turn the page, literally, in one of our books; see the handwriting, smell the paper, know that we made a mark however small it may be. What a tragic loss for those who only leave a digital footprint.


  2. I love this. I’ve been keeping notebooks/journals for decades now. I use books that I make myself. Email me if you’d like one I have lots to spare.

    You must visit the Brooklyn Art Library someday. Google them. You’ll love their collection of artists journals.

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    1. I took a book making class once upon a time and found great pleasure in making them. For some reason, I haven’t made one in a long time. I would love one of yours; I’ll email you about it. Those of us who teach, Mark in the comment above is a teacher too, sure understand the value of the printed word. Especially when we are the ones doing the printing.


  3. Love it! I am much into journaling as well now, in addition to decorate the journal with memoralia from trips or just from daily life. It is very rewarding. Especially when you look back on ealier pursuits.


    1. I wonder if many of us readers aren’t also intrigued with documenting our own lives. Adding memorabilia has been a recent thing (as of about a year ago), and I love the result of a journal as a scrapbook of sorts. It is well worth preserving one’s days in a tangible way, even if I am the only one who will enjoy reading it. I’m glad you do the same in your life.


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