Spanish Literature Month…Another Reason I Love to Blog in July

Bolaño & Borges shelfHere is a photograph of Richard‘s Bolano shelf. I think I have one of them: 2666. My knowledge of Spanish literature is less than admirable, and so it is with great anticipation that I embark on another Spanish literature month with Richard and Stu.

There are the obvious choices from which to choose, obvious to me at least: Julia Alvarez, Isabelle Allende, Sandra Cisneros. I have loved the books that each of these women have written, for somehow I do better with female Spanish authors than male. I never even finished Roberto Bolano’s 2666 or The Savage Detectives (but I did make it through Monsieur Pain!).

This year I’m going to follow a few recommendations from others. When Jacqui and I read Javier Marias’ Infatuations we were both so taken with it that we exchanged several emails to discuss it further between ourselves. So of course, I must take up her suggestion of A Heart so White.

Last year, Scott reviewed Severina by Rodrigo Rey Rosa, and I was so intrigued by his review that I immediately downloaded it on my kindle. But, as it is yet unread I will pick it up this month.

What would blogging be without old friends to host enticing challenges, and new friends to give recommendations? My life is immeasurably enriched by those of you who blog with me; without your input I would find myself in an endless circle of what is only in my own experience.

Do you have any other titles that I ought to read for Spanish Lit Month this July?

11 thoughts on “Spanish Literature Month…Another Reason I Love to Blog in July”

  1. I hope you enjoy A Heart So White, Bellezza – I’m looking forward to your review. Ah, I have such fond memories of the days we spent reading The Infatuations as part of Stu’s IFFP shadow project. It was fun to read along with you and the other shadowers, exchanging thoughts on each book as we worked our way through the list.

    Severina is wonderful too, such a beguiling story – another great choice for Spanish Lit Month.


    1. Jacqui, I read the first two pages and I’m breathless! It seems I might like this even better than Infatuations; I’ll let you know when I finish it. xo


  2. If you fancy a shorter Bolano, than 2666 or Savage Detectives how about Last Evenings on Earth, this is a collection of short stories that is my favourite Bolano book.


    1. Thanks, Gary, for your suggestion. I have not appreciated Bolano’s writing, which I’m sure is more my issue than his. 😉 Perhaps short stories would be just the ticket, and if it’s your favorite? That says a lot.


  3. I just couldn’t get into The Infatuations at all and abandoned it about half way through which meant I failed on last year’s Spanish lit month. Im still toying with joining in this year but the library keeps sending me books in English (my fault for reserving so many!)


    1. I wouldn’t say you failed; you gave one book a good try, and that is always worth something. I get so frustrated when the library sends me books I’ve placed on hold all at the same time!


  4. I read A Heart So White many years ago and my book group really enjoyed it. One book I’d recommend is The Years With Laura Diaz by Carlos Fuentes. I usually have a hard time with his books but that one was a great story. Anyway, enjoy discovering new authors!


    1. Iliana, thank you for a suggestion! I read the sample of Vlad by Fuentes, as I saw it reviewed on 1st Reading’s Blog. It was a little confusing to me, all those strange names! But, I relish your suggestion as I do Parrish’ above. And who can pass up a great story?


    1. I’m convinced I’ll enjoy Severina. The very premise in the synopsis sounds fascinating, as well as your wonderful review. Just began A Heart So White and am already entranced. It will be so good to have the chance to talk about these books with you.


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