Short on Patience, Short on Time


If you had any idea, even vaguely, of how hot it’s been in my classroom this week then you would understand why I haven’t put up a post since Tuesday, let alone visited any of yours.

I’m sorry.

The pencils above give a pretty good indication of how things are going all around. The dear children in my class are driven to distraction with the humidity in a corner room, closed off to any possible air circulation with windows that don’t open for everyone’s “safety” in a school with no air conditioning whatsoever.

The children have been sharpening their pencils in between my lessons. When I saw them, I had to laugh. “Hand them over,” I said, “so I can take a picture.”

Needless to say, there’s not been much reading Chez Bellezza. Taking baths and going to bed at 8:30, yes. Reading from my stack of glorious books? Not so much.

But, it’s Labor Day Weekend. And I’ll be free of Labor for at least three days. Surely in that time I can post on the books I’ve received this week: The Mathematician’s Shiva by Stuart Rojsyaczer, River by Michael Ferris Smith, and We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas. Surely I can come by to see what you’ve been doing while I’ve been sweating.

18 thoughts on “Short on Patience, Short on Time

  1. I know how awful it is. Before moving to Australia I worked in a Ft Myers Fl. School with no air cond. Those early days of the year were so hot. Kids lie around and sweat and the smell of all those hot little bodies. For the kife of me I don't know why the powers that be can't make schools liveable. Thinking of you. Laughed out loud at the pencils photo.


  2. I feel for you…the heat in some classrooms is inhumane! I moved from a totally new classroom with AC to an older one without…I was miserable…and to make it worse…all of the upper graves had AC…I was hateful during those times! Take care!


  3. Why is it illegal to leave a child in a hot, enclosed car for an hour, but legal to confine them in hot classrooms with no air conditioning for days on end?

    Where are your unions? The politicians? The school boards? Never mind. Those questions are rhetorical.


  4. We are cold during the winter and hot during the summer days, and it has become an ordinary fact here… no air conditioning and heat only after a lot of complaints… What actually seems scarier is not being able to read a book every other day…


  5. I laughed at that photo – they reminded me of my pencils from school 🙂 As for the heat, that is just crazy to me. How can they do that to teachers and their pupils? I'm sorry you all have to experience that. I don't think I'd be in a reading mood after enduring all that heat – hopefully you can get to some reading this weekend.


  6. All of our high school and middle school have air, not to mention the administration office. I would love to see how they would handle it, when elementary schools are supposed to manage no air conditioning just fine. Are we any less human because our students are smaller? 🙂


  7. Now that's a good question! One I should ask the Board, I think. But then again, the School Board, the Teacher's Association (union) and politicians keep pushing the blame somewhere else. I know when they'll get air conditioning: when I retire!


  8. Oh dear, Ally, no heat? That would be just as brutal, although I far prefer being cold to being hot. I always pile on an extra sweater or scarf…or how about those cute fingerless gloves? 🙂

    Your last point is a point well taken, not being able to read a book is the worst condition of all.


  9. It is a pretty hilarious collection of pencils, is it not? Those kids, they can always bring a smile. Thanks for the happy thoughts, and I'm doing nothing but reading this weekend! Laundry be damned…

    Actually, I did a few loads yesterday afternoon.


  10. Serioulsy, no air conditioning. The teachers were laughing about how they turned up the air in their homes so much they were wearing sweatshirts. “Make yourself a nice cup of cocoa,” I said, “because you can.”


  11. Don't tell me you have no air conditioning in your building, too? I love California whether, we were in San Diego for my son's Marine graduation a few summers ago and it was lovely. No humidity is indeed a blessing, but anything above 75 degrees starts to be miserable for this girl.


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