Swoon by Betsy Prioleau

What makes women swoon? What is the quality that captures our heart, sometimes only for an instant, but sometimes irrevocably? Perhaps it is something different for each one of us. I know that it is different for me today, than it was when I was in my 20’s.
I attended a party at the Delta Sigma Phi house my Junior year of college at the insistence of my roommate, Cynthia. I loathe parties in general, but I succumbed to her pleading, and when I could stand the noise and confusion no longer, I slipped into what could have been loosely called a library and began reading behind the closed door. When a handsome man came into the room an hour later, practically hitting me with the door he pushed open, I looked into the brown eyes of the man I knew I would marry.
It was just that fast.
Could I have determined the qualities he possessed, untangling one from the other? No. I couldn’t do it today. But, I knew that he struck my heart and that was that.
Betsy Prioleau has taken it upon herself to untangle what it is that makes us swoon and listed more qualities of what women look for in men than I could include in this post. Combined with these qualities, are descriptions of men which fit them such as the charisma of Bill Clinton, the adornment of Sir Walter Raleigh, the manly jaw of Johnny Depp, etc.
But, my favorite part of what she’s done in her book, Swoon, is to list novels under which we can find characters exhibiting the traits women find so alluring. The reader in me, perhaps more than the feminine side of me, thrills to these titles:
Prioleau continues with her list far beyond the few I’ve listed here. The qualities that she finds are seemingly endless, and beg the question, “What do you find most alluring?” not to mention, “Are the men of today offering it?”
Personally, I’d love to run into the competence of John Galt in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged
Thanks to TLC Book Tours for the opportunity to review Swoon.

15 thoughts on “Swoon by Betsy Prioleau

  1. I did, Audra. It's so weird that I knew it, and I can't explain how. That doesn't happen very often in my life that I know something with such certainty before it happens.

    I loved this book; not only for how she found such interesting qualities (who wouldn't like to find someone with all of them?) but found characters in literature to coincide.


  2. I've seen reviews of this book around the blogworld and must say it looks very enticing. I do love interesting non-fiction. And the list of books is wonderful. I love the fact that you had such a romantic first meeting with your husband. I met mine at university, too, only he was 6' 4″ and blonde and I could spot him in a crowd without having to put on my glasses. He thought my smile as I approached him was attraction, whereas I was just pleased to have located someone I knew! Needless to say, we sorted it out in the end. 🙂


  3. The book sounds interesting, but I'm not sure I'd read it. As for your story about how you knew he was THE ONE – I loved it! Very swoon-worthy story 😉 Thanks for sharing it!


  4. I'm not usually. Big fan of nonfiction, Nadia, as you probably know. Still, the idea behind the book interested me, and I've always been fascinated by what people think…what makes them “tick” so to speak. Any glimpse into our complicated ways is helpful to me.


  5. Probably not much difference, the attraction is instant or not, it could be what/how they say something, confidence is sexy but arrogance isn't . to pin down all the nuances of what is attractive is impossible . my wife looked sexy in her glasses & yet not everyone does


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