Abandoned: The Invisible Murder

I wanted to like Invisible Murder. Really, I did. Especially after enjoying The Boy in The Suitcase for its fresh take in Danish crime.

I’ve read 250 of the 350 pages of Invisible Murder on my nook. But I just can’t do any more.
Too many books, and too little time, with not enough to keep me interested to the end. Perhaps you’ll do better. If you want to know about people vomiting, and radioactivity, and outcasts known as the Roma who are living in Hungary. One of whom is trying to find safety and wealth in Denmark while leaving destruction in his wake.

16 thoughts on “Abandoned: The Invisible Murder”

  1. Well, I think your dog is much nicer than several characters in this novel. Plus, the Roma are named after the Romani, not the Italians. One can never go far wrong with Italians. 🙂


  2. I've only allowed myself to abandon a book within the last year or two. All my life I've had to compulsively finish each novel I started. Now I just want to move on to the next best thing. Also, if it's a best seller? I usually don't like it. Isn't that weird?


  3. Bellezza, I say that you read more than enough of that book and if it wasn't doing it for you, then putting it down was your only option. Kudos to you! I've been getting better at DNFing books – after all, why spend time on a bad read, when there are so many great ones out there 😉 And, I'm like you, those best sellers tend to be the ones I don't like (my DNFs).


  4. I think you've given this book a fair shake. It doesn't sound like anything I'd enjoy, either.

    I've abandoned quite a few books this year. Just this week, I've picked up and set aside 6! I'm getting to the point where a book needs to grab me in the first 25 pages rather than my old standard of 50 pages. I have far too many on my shelves and it makes me a bit anxious, worrying that I may never read all those I long to read.


  5. What is it with best sellers being a disappointment? I think that as one of my best friends says, “When are the masses ever right? They even killed Jesus.” Or, it's just that I so like being Bellezza, Party of One.


  6. Les, you're one of the friends I have who actually inspired me to abandon that which wasn't working for me in literature. So, a thank you for that! Like you so aptly said, “I have far too many on my shelves and it makes me a bit anxious, worrying that I may never read all those I long to read.” Ditto to that.


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