And if one read along in May isn’t enough, how about The Secret Garden?

In my blogging travels today I came upon a read-along invitation for The Secret Garden hosted by Book Journey. The idea is to read this lovely children’s book and post on it May 31 with a garden party of sorts at Sheila’s. Doesn’t that sound like the most wonderful antidote to heavy novels? Gray-ish days? Finishing up the odd bits and pieces of one’s school year?
My son, now 21 years of age, has long loved this film. A man-child with a beard, who against my deepest pleas continues to smoke Marlboros, will probably watch it with me when I’ve finished reading. Already, I’m looking forward to getting started.

16 thoughts on “And if one read along in May isn’t enough, how about The Secret Garden?

  1. I love,love, love the movie! I love both, the 1949 black and white version with Margaret O'Brian and the 1993 version with Maggie Smith in it! Strangely I have never read the book!


  2. I love those covers, what a nice collection. I read this with a pupil once but she dropped out of my class before we got to the end…
    I would have loved to join but I signed up for The Color Purple readalong on May 31. (:


  3. I loved the book and the movie. Not sure, but I think I took my eldest along and he enjoyed it. I can't even remember, anymore. Sorry about the smoking. Eldest smoked for a while and I was completely freaked out, not only by the fact that he was endangering his health (we've had at least two lung cancer deaths in the family) but also that he didn't want to admit it. But, when there are crunched-up cigarette packages in your trash can every time your parents visit and you carry a lighter? Duh. So glad he not only quit but married a doctor who insists on a healthy lifestyle. I'll pray that your man-child eventually comes to his senses, too.


  4. I read the book when I was a little girl. (I have the Tasha Tudor cover art edition, which I LOVE!!). I've never seen the movie, though. I may just have to rent both, especially since I love Maggie Smith. Am I in? Yes, please! I tried to re-read a Laura Ingalls Wilder book this winter (The Longest Winter), but was bored to tears and set it aside. I pray this doesn't happen with this childhood classic…


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