7 thoughts on “because of mr. terupt”

  1. This sounds like a lovely book. I'm currently reading 32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny since you spotlighted it last week. I hope you're having a good weekend.


  2. Oh, Vasilly! How wonderful that you're reading that! This one is a much more serious tone, but truly lovely. I saw that a boy in my class was reading it, and when I saw that John Irving endorsed it I added it to my nook. Now the boy and I will have lunch to talk about it together one day this week. I can't wait to discuss it with one of my students.


  3. I had a special Teacher, I know I've banged on in the,past about my schooling, but that was secondary school. Junior school I had a teacher, Mrs Steel, she was a young amateur dramatics fanatic & a,bookfiend (my first encounter), & I think that I in that special pre-teen way loved her,
    PS. I found a new word, doesn't have a meaning (I think) but found it on your word verification – Slabugie, loving the sound of it!


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