The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters

Most days it doesn’t come at all. But it likes to surprise me, to catch me out. It’s just like a sly, spiteful child. “It sets traps for me. It opened the door of my room that time, for me to walk into and bloody my nose. It moves my papers; it puts things in my path, so that I’ll stumble over them and break my neck! I don’t mind about that. It can do what it wants to me. For so long as I can keep it, you see, in my room, I can contain the infection. That’s the vital thing now, don’t you agree? To keep the source of the infection away, from my sister and my mother?
But Roderick couldn’t keep “the source of infection away”, not from his sister, his mother or even himself. For whatever it is in Hundreds Hall: madness, misfortune, or malevolence, its inhabitants would not overcome it.

A truly great ghost story, strangely reminiscent to me of Rebecca, this novel struck horror into my heart.

11 thoughts on “The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters”

  1. I just loved this novel. To me it wasn't so much horrifying as subtly creepy—very insightful stuff on the crumbling class system and all the anxieties that produced. Waters's evocation of the post-WWII era is so fantastic.


  2. Coffee and A Book Chick, I haven't read mixed reviews, only good ones myself. I must say, this was quite a satisfying read.Emily, as usual, your comment is so astute it could stand as a review alone! It was so evocative of the post WWII era, and I loved the British vocabulary, phrasing. I loved the mood Waters created, which is perhaps what reminded me so of Rebecca.Nadia, I'm glad you have it already. It shouldn't take so long to read, I read it just this weekend.Diane, mine is an eBook as well, on my Nook. I saw so many great reviews this October that I had to download it immediately. It's nice to have a copy when you want it!Col Reads, I didn't get this read in time for the RIP, but I went ahead and read it anyway. I figured it's close enough to October. 😉


  3. This one certainly has been receiving a lot of buzz lately! I've only read Fingersmith by Waters but enjoyed it. Have Tipping the Velvet on the shelf for one day.


  4. Oh, this sounds so good, but I'm not sure I want to be too scared! I like Waters and have a nice little stack of her back list to enjoy. I'm sure I'll get a copy of this one eventually. The Night Watch was quite good.


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