Vol De Nuit

I have found the next perfume I’ll wear. It comes from the man who brought us Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) and Vol de Nuit (Night Flight): Antoine St. Exupery. Actually, the perfume was created by Guerlain, but it was inspired by St. Exupery following the novel that he wrote in 1933.

It is described as rare. Daring. Enigmatic.

• Top notes: Bergamot, galbanum, and petitgrain.
• Heart notes: Jasmine, daffodil, and spices.
• Base notes: Wood, iris, vanilla, amber notes, and an earthy forest note.

“Vol de Nuit derives its name from the novel by Antoine de Saint Exupery, which relates the drama and excitement of the early years of aviation. In the novel, a pilot, newly wed, loses control of his aircraft, while his wife in the control tower waits feverishly for a sign of life. Vol de Nuit is a vibrant homage to this moving love story and to women who know how to live with danger.

The design in relief on the bottle represents the moving propeller of an aircraft, while the name is cut out of a circle of gold metal suggesting the propeller belt.” (Source here.)

I had so wanted to read and review the novel for Paris in July. Alas, I could not find it anywhere, and I had to resort to ordering it from a private bookseller. It did not arrive in time for me to review for Tamara’s and Karen’s Paris in July, but when it does arrive, I will be eagerly reading it. And giving you the review.

As to the perfume? Perhaps I’ll be lucky enough to receive it from Saint Nicholas this December. (Then again, maybe I’ll just ask for the eau de toilette since that’s not in the triple digits.)

16 thoughts on “Vol De Nuit

  1. Rare, daring, and enigmatic! I like it! I admit that I don't know anything about perfume and only occassionally wear a scent that my friend got me for Christmas several years ago–I'm not even sure if perfume goes bad? 🙂


  2. Vol de Nuit is a vibrant homage to this moving love story and to women who know how to live with danger.Sounds interesting! I love jasmine and daffodils, so I'll have to see if I can find it at Von Maur or Dillards–just for a smell. :)BTW, what a gorgeous bottle!!


  3. Friends, beware: it is hard to find. My best advice to you would be to go to amazon.com for it (I know! Weird!) or fragrancenet.com. Because it's old, and not in the current trendy category (which I call 'sugared fruit'), it's a bit difficult to find. But, so worth it. I promise you.


  4. I'm a big perfume fan and this sounds amazing, though not on me—I don't feel right wearing woody orientals myself.I've never read Vol de nuit, even though I really enjoyed Le petit prince. Now, instead of St. Exupery, it makes me think of a dive bar near my university campus that was named after it. That seems wrong!


  5. This is a truly enlightening post – I've not heard of Vol de nui before, Ibut Im very interested in it now. Is itgoing to be easier to find it in Fench? we have a language bookshop in Sydney I might see if they can get it.. as for the perfume, what a wonderful review – would make any non perfume wearer want to wonder into the perfumerery.. it's a very distictinctive art deco bottle..collectible in itself.


  6. That is a gorgeous bottle, and I could practically smell the perfume from your description (you really know your scents).You remind me that I need to read Saint-Exupery.


  7. Nicole, a dive bar by the name of Le Petit Prince seems like an oxymoron to me!Tamara, I'm expecting it to arrive in the post any minute (last week, actually). There was a time I could read a novel in French, but I think those days are past me now.ds, I love scents. With a passion. It isn't often that Guerlain makes a mistake, either, except with a few of their more current ones. I'd love to read more St. Exupery, too, only being terribly familiar with Le Petit Prince. I read it for one of my French classes in High School, and it will always be dear to my heart.


  8. Terri, I remember you being a great fan of fragrance along with me. I'm looking forward to the novel, and I'll let you know how it is after it arrives. It must be taking the long flight to Illinois! 😉


  9. Thanks for an interesting post. The Little Prince is one of my all time favorites, deceivingly simple. But it's the movie that I have to say, more memorable. The 'Secret of Life' coming from the fox (Gene Wilder) is much easier to remember maybe because of the beautiful music and the vivid scenes. As for the perfume… what an ingenious design: a stylized propeller on an exquisite bottle… a beautiful fusion of mas. and fem.


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