Thursday Thirteen: Winter Haiku by Basho

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After delving into Japanese Literature this year, I am finding myself entranced with the works which have been written. For this Thursday Thirteen I bring you thirteen haiku poems written by the famous Japanese poet, Basho, who is often referred to as a late medieval poet:

1. The winter sun-

on the horse’s back
my frozen shadow.

2. Awake at night,
the lamp low,
the oil freezing.

3. How admirable!
to see lightning and not think
life is fleeting.

4. First winter rain-
even the monkey
seems to want a raincoat.

5. Hailstones
glancing off the rocks
at Stony Pass.

6. Visiting the graves-
leaning on their canes.

7. In the fish shop
the gums of the salt-bream
look cold.

8. When the winter chrysanthemums go,
there’s nothing to write about
but radishes.

9. A calm moon-
walking home the gay boy
frightened by the howling of foxes.

10. Winter garden,
the moon thinned to a thread,
insects singing.

11. Winter rain-
the field stubble
has blackened.

12. First snow
on the half-finished bridge.

13. The winter storm
hid in the bamboo grove
and quieted away.

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19 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: Winter Haiku by Basho

  1. Haikus always seem so relaxing to me–not all poetry has that affect on me. I've been keeping up with CJ's readings and really wish I had gotten into this challenge!


  2. Well, I'm not a speed-reader and can't commit to 3 books in two weeks (but it doesn't matter…right? that everyone else reads 3 books to my 1). My blog time has been a little sporadic lately, which is how I think I missed this one. Next time!


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