Nice Matters Award

Chris, whose blog looks so nice with the pink roses award now attached to it, has nominated me for a Nice Matters Award. Imagine, despite my limp-lately blogging and divided attention, he finds something nice here. (Just let me know when we can have that coffee, Chris!) And so, to pass it on to four others, my nominations include:

Les at Lesley’s Book Nook, although she might not be home. She might be cooking, or gardening, or kayaking, or photographing something botanical which I can appreciate but not name. Whatever she’s doing, she finds something nice to say about it. Her whole spirit is nice, and Les, you will always be one of my very favorite Blogger Friends ever.

Paula at Mixed With Sugar. The title of her blog says it all: Mixed with sugar…life is sweet. Paula is always able to find something sweet, something beautiful, in a world often filled with chaos. I admire her spirit, her photographs, her posts with a positive outlook.

Gentle Reader at Shelf Life. This mother and reader has a life which parallels mine in many ways. Whenever I visit her blog, I find an interesting review as well as a lovely perspective on life.

Roaring Angel at Seasonal Whispers. Roaring Angel is a new friend, and I was surprised to find that she, too, is in the educational field. It’s so nice to find Roaring Angel, who gives us fresh perspectives on teaching and reading from a world other than my familiar elementary one. I also enjoy the poetry that she shares with us.

So, ladies, go ahead and put up your new award from Chris to me to you.

12 thoughts on “Nice Matters Award”

  1. Awww, you're too kind, Bellezza! I'm so flattered (especially since this is my second "nice" award!). You will always be one of my VERY favorite blogger friends, too. Merci, dear friend.


  2. Bellezza, this is such an honor! I'm new to blogging (you are definitely my first blogger friend) thank you so much. Believe me, I was smiling the entire morning. I’ve blogrolled you in my seasonalwhispers and your Just three sticks away in If you manage the time do read our website ( Cheers!


  3. Congrats, you deserve it! I hope the coming year is a much more rewarding, and normal, year for you at work than last year! Can't believe summer is already over. Wow!


  4. Thanks, Heather and Carl. Carl, I think the hard part about last year was my own beloved son not so much my class. I am praying like crazy for his to have a more successful time his Junior year than his Sophomore year turned out to be. Yikes! The good part about summer being over is that we can quit sweating our (respective) balls off.


  5. I love this award…I hope to get around to visit your recipients really soon. It's been hectic and HOT in our school this week…the A/C is broken. 🙂 Susan


  6. Oh, Susan, at least you HAVE air! Our elementary buildings are air condition-less; they save the cool air for Middle and High Schools. Apparently Elementary doesn't feel the heat. 🙂


  7. Thank you so much–I'm honored! What a wonderful award and a lovely picture. And what a nice surprise to find when I got back from my vacation–I'm proud to put it on my blog.


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